Hi, I’m Simon.

I started my engineering career in 2013 at Upstart, building it from 4 engineers to 400. I’ve contributed, led, and managed Product, Data, and Platform Engineering teams. I’ve created and executed an org-wide internship program and coached numerous engineers 1:1, from fresh boot camp grads to industry veterans.

I care about communication, and building up the people around me, and seeing the good in every villain1. I like to organize things and people2, making order out of chaos.

I coach software engineers on overcoming their demons and getting to the next level. I run a Slack community of thoughtful tech workers. I also write about software engineering careers, and sometimes other things that I like3.


The easiest way to reach me is email. But you can also reach out over LinkedIn, or my aforementioned Slack community.


You still have to fight villains, even when you see the good in them.


Sometimes book clubs, sometimes finances, sometimes D&D games, sometimes CI/CD pipeline failures.


For example, footnotes!

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Writing about the stuff I like to talk about. Mostly the non-technical parts of software engineering. Sometimes other things, probably.


Coach, engineer, writer.