I help engineers excel, regardless of their level or difficult conditions. We can work together to:

  • Protect your job, or get you to the next level

  • Flourish under a stubborn, opaque, or selfish manager

  • Build prestige within your company

  • Rally other teams around your designs

It’s easy to find a coworker or instructor to help you write the code, but often our challenges stem from people or communication, not from technology. A good manager can help, but most managers are juggling hundreds of balls and can’t spend that much time on one engineer. I’ve been there, and I can help you push through it.

Together we will alter how your peers and leads perceive you, amplifying your impact and advancing your career.

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What people say about working with me

“Through intensive coaching sessions, [Simon] helped me identify the root causes of my issues. He skillfully guided me in setting clear goals and held me accountable for achieving them, all while challenging my thinking with deep insights. Simon’s coaching transformed my mindset, reducing stress at work and empowering me to become a more self-assured professional.” —Tabitha O’Melay

“As someone who has been working in software for 15 years, I have encountered many people who claim to be coaches or mentors, but few have been as effective as Simon. He truly understands what it takes to help someone grow and develop, and his support and guidance have been instrumental in my success.” —Graham Pederson

“Simon’s keen eye for detail helped me communicate complex technical concepts in a clear and concise manner. His guidance on cross-team communication enabled me to consider multiple perspectives, leading to more comprehensive and effective solutions to complex problems. I am now better at recognizing the unique strengths and perspectives of my colleagues, which has allowed me to drive more successful projects.” —Duc Truong

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